Dementia Caregiving Armenia

1 Memory Loss Forgetting recently learned information is one of the most common early signs of dementia. A person begins to forget more often and is unable to recall the information later. What’s normal? Forgetting names or appointments occasionally. 2 Difficulty Performing Familiar Tasks People with dementia often find it>>>>>

Alzheimer's Caregiving Services Armenia /August 19, 2021/ Unique eye changes may be an early harbinger of Alzheimer’s disease, two new studies report. The findings could lead to a simple eye test for detecting the earliest stages of Alzheimer’s, before symptoms like memory loss become evident and damage to the brain becomes extensive. Researchers>>>>>

Alzheimer's Disease Caregiver Guide Armenia

Foreword։ The Alzheimer’s Disease Caregiver Guide is a useful and informative tool that is easy to read and understand for those caring for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias in Armenia. I hope this guide will become a primer in every medical clinic, hospital and other medical offices throughout>>>>>

Brain Health Foods Armenia

Are you studying for an NCEES exam? Are you the type of person that eats tons of junk food while studying? We get it – salty snacks such as chips or sweet snacks such as gummy bears may seem like a great studying snacks, but they don’t necessarily benefit you>>>>>