Alzheimer’s Caregiver Helpline

Under the directorship of Dr. Jane L. Mahakian, Founder of Alzheimer’s Care Armenia (ACA), ACA has partnered with Mission Armenia (NGO) to establish the Armenia National Alzheimer’s Caregiver Helpline beginning September 2019. The Alzheimer’s Caregiver Helpline has the endorsement of the Republic of Armenia Ministry of Health and Ministry of>>>>>

emotional support robot

Alzheimer’s Care Armenia (ACA), in collaboration with Expper Technologies has been investigating the use of an emotional support robot named Robin to improve the well-being of our elders at Nork Old Age Home these past few months. We all know, COVID-19 has impacted especially our older adults and their sense>>>>>

Alzheimer's Care Memory Club

The Healthy Aging Memory Club Orran Vanadzor is a ground breaking successful club for our elders in Armenia! This is the first of its kind in Armenia with more on the way!>>>>>

Step into the shoes of Nork Old Age Home resident Rose. Rose is 76 years young, an avid reader and looks forward to her frequent visits with Robin the Robot! Rose shares stories with Alzheimer’s Care Armenia’s Coordinator who visits the facility weekly. These stories are about her special relationship>>>>>