“I am a nurse by profession, I have worked in various medical centers for many years, I have been engaged in home health care, I have taken care of my grandfather with Alzheimer’s disease for about 7 years. There has been a great increase in Alzheimer’s disease in Armenia, and>>>>>

“Actually, I wanted to be a philologist, but I ended up in the “Social Work” department of the Faculty of Sociology of Yerevan State University. Then I qualified as a specialist in international relations, which helped to develop my analytical thinking, I began to look at the world and my>>>>>

առողջ ապրելակերպ

85-year-old violinist Yura Avetisyan has always dreamed of a healthy and active life. For almost half a century, he has been leading a healthy lifestyle: he falls asleep early, gets up early, does exercises every morning, and eats right. Classical music and a beloved like-minded wife also contribute to his>>>>>

Alzheimer's Care Armenia Training

Alzheimer’s Care Armenia Brain Health Project’s Specialists meet Dr. Carlos Ketzoian, President of the Neuroepidemiology Group of World Federation of Neurology, Professor of Neuroepidemiology in Uruguay. During the «Methodology of the Clinical and Epidemiological Research» training, Dr. Ketzoian presented his research and studies, which were mainly aimed at neurological diseases.>>>>>

Hosted on the second episode of the «Second Start» radio show, one of Armenia’s most famous neurologists, Hovhannes Manvelyan, explains that the number of people with dementia is increasing year by year, because thanks to advanced medicine, both in the world and in Armenia, people live longer, and the aging>>>>>

Second Start Alzheimer's Care Armenia Public Radio

Alzheimer’s Care Armenia in a collaboration with the Public Radio of Armenia has launched a new project, named «Second Start». The first Armenian radio show for and about the elderly presents the secrets of being healthy and active and enjoying the well-earned old age. It is intended for persons aged>>>>>

Alzheimer’s Care Armenia is beyond thrilled to partner with Nancy Barsamian, BSN, MPH who has practiced acute care nursing for over 10 years and public health nursing for over 20 years on the East Coast and is certified by End-of Life Nursing Education Consortium as a Trainer. This will be>>>>>