memory cafe

Ararat Baghdasaryan

Ararat Baghdasaryan, who was present at the opening ceremony of the Memory Cafe initiated by Alzheimer’s Care Armenia, has been in Nork’s Nursing Home for 6 years. Before that, he lived in the village of Saravan of Vayots Dzor marz (region). Ararat Baghasaryan, a philologist by profession and experienced teacher, was very happy when he learned about the opening of the memory cafe. He is sure that there will be interesting conversations, the elderly will have an interesting time. He will try to visit the cafe every Wednesday.

“There is a theater group in the Nursing Home and the director discovered my acting talent. In the near future, there will be a new film and a play, in both of which I have to act as an actor. Recently, I went to my son’s house, I promised him that I will leave the Old Age Home, I will go to live with him in Saravan, but leaving will be difficult, because I have friends there,” says Ararat Baghdasaryan.

He says that even after he will move to son’s house, if he could, he will definitely visit the memory cafe sometimes.