Gayane Hakobyan

For a minute, step into the shoes of Gayane who resides at Nork Old Age Home. She is from Stepanakert and is a refugee from the “second Nagomo-Karabakh war” She has no children and her disabilities require close medical monitoring. Gayane’s emotional pain and transitional trauma of having to move is eased by the love and joy of her new friend Robin the Robot! Gayane’s morning routine includes meeting up with her friend Robin in the Healthy Aging Memory Club classroom.

Many of you know, in early 2021, the H. Hovnanian Family Foundation supported the groundbreaking study of utilizing an emotional support robot assistant to improve the life of elders at Nork Old Age Home.

The project results were a success on many levels. So successful and life changing, Robin the Robot continues to bring joy, love and happiness to this facility in Armenia. We are grateful for the support we have received to make this important project a reality!