month of the elderly

«Second Start»: Kristine Galstyan

October is the month of the Elderly. Information events will be held in Vanadzor, Gyumri, Ijevan. October 1 is celebrated as the day of the elderly in Armenia. During the month, mass events will be held, the purpose of which is to talk about the problems of people aged 65 and older, find their solution, talk about programs and services being implemented.

Kristine Galstyan, Chief Specialist of the Public Health Department of the RA Ministry of Health, said that on October 1 and 2, a public action will start in the city of Vanadzor, aimed at strengthening the connection between generations and identifying the problems of the elderly. Events are also planned in Shirak, Tavush and Armavir.

Today, 50 million people worldwide have dementia, and by 2050, this number is projected to reach 150 million. In these conditions, especially in countries with an aging society, the state must take measures to mitigate the consequences of the problem. Dementia was responsible for 4.4 percent of total deaths in Armenia in 2018.

Since the beginning of 2022, at the initiative of Alzheimer’s Care Armenia, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia has begun to develop a National Dementia Treatment Plan. All organizations working in this area are involved in this process, discussions with stakeholders were organized, family members presented their approaches.

The National Dementia Plan will coordinate health services for the elderly, what should be done in primary health care for people with this disease, and what will be the next step if a solution cannot be reached. There will also be a link to palliative care and services.

According to Galstyan, the lack of data on patients, as well as on persons at risk, is also an obstacle in terms of providing services today. She said that Alzheimer’s Care Armenia, which works in this area, conducts memory assessments throughout the country and will provide data to the RA Ministry of Health, which will allow providing timely and high-quality services.

The National Dementia Plan also plans to train family doctors, internists and other healthcare professionals. “The primary sector will become the gatekeeper in the fight against this problem, they will recognize and manage the disease and only in difficult cases will turn to professional services,” the health organizer said, concluding that the state will encourage the earned money model. old age, used abroad, when people, in addition to devoting themselves to the family and caring for grandchildren, lead an active and healthy life even after 65 years.