Mariam Badalyan

“Actually, I wanted to be a philologist, but I ended up in the “Social Work” department of the Faculty of Sociology of Yerevan State University. Then I qualified as a specialist in international relations, which helped to develop my analytical thinking, I began to look at the world and my profession from a different perspective. A social worker must have a very flexible thinking, be caring, treat his work with great responsibility, he is dealing with another person’s life and it depends on him to change the life of that person.

I appreciate justice, honesty and loyalty in a person. I don’t like lies and I believe that nothing can be built on lies. I have no principles as such, my life and mind are free and I am not constrained by anything. I accept a person as he is, it is easy to create and maintain relationships. he should be left alone while making decisions and living in his life. This is how I raise my child, giving him freedom and the opportunity to live freely, to enjoy every hour and minute of his life.

The most important thing in the family is the atmosphere of trust, you may not be faithful, but you must trust your spouse and at the same time not limit his thoughts and dreams, but also his actions. I try to do everything on my own, if I can do it on my own, then I don’t ask anyone for help. I really like to say the word “I’m sorry” because there is a great philosophy in that word. if you really feel that you are guilty while doing the given act, then the word sorry gives peace to both you and the other person.

My father always says: “You should never go to bed upset, you should mentally ask for forgiveness from the people you offended during the day and go to bed with a clear conscience, being better with the new day, not knowing good and evil.”

I started my career with voluntary work. For about three years, I worked as a volunteer in “Prkutyun” outreach organization. Of course, at first it was very difficult for an 18-year-old girl who had never seen people with problems in her life. But thanks to Martin, who used to go there, I realized that I need those people, I am really a social worker who is obliged to change the lives of people who need help and give them love and smiles.

Then I worked at the Kharberd specialized orphanage, Karmir Khach, Nork boarding school, as well as with teenagers in prison within the framework of the probation program, whom I directed to apply to any educational institution, believe in their abilities and change their lives.

While working at the Nork House boarding school, I got to know the “Robin Robot” program and Dr. Jane Mahakyan as part of that program. Then I found myself in the “Alzheimer Care Armenia” organization and work as a social worker within the framework of the “Healthy Brain Armenian Program”. When working with both the elderly and people with memory loss, I do my best to be helpful to them, and I am convinced that this experience will give me the opportunity to have a better old age, to better provide for my parents’ old age and for people who want to age gracefully.

As a social worker, during memory testing and evaluation, I guide people, provide advice, and summarize the data and results of those people in order to have a summary of information about people living in Armenia with memory loss.
People with Alzheimer’s disease have many stereotypes: they are ashamed that they do not get any action, they are ashamed of their status, and I am ready to help them with my work to understand that this disease is not a sentence, you need to see a doctor and use the services through which they will overcome their status more easily.

My important principle is to treat them as an elder who has rich life experience and wisdom, from whom one should learn and listen to advice, and give them love, affection and care.

I live freely, I like to help people and wish good. here is my formula for living.”

Mariam Badalyan
Social Worker, Alzheimer’s Care Armenia