Alzheimer’s disease has a profound impact on countless individuals worldwide, and Armenia is no exception. The task of raising awareness about Alzheimer’s disease and promoting its diagnosis remains a significant challenge within Armenia. However, Alzheimers Care Armenia, under the guidance of the esteemed Dr. Jane Mahakian, has taken remarkable strides>>>>>

Alzheimer's Care Armenia Training

Alzheimer’s Care Armenia Brain Health Project’s Specialists meet Dr. Carlos Ketzoian, President of the Neuroepidemiology Group of World Federation of Neurology, Professor of Neuroepidemiology in Uruguay. During the «Methodology of the Clinical and Epidemiological Research» training, Dr. Ketzoian presented his research and studies, which were mainly aimed at neurological diseases.>>>>>

Alzheimer’s Care Armenia is beyond thrilled to partner with Nancy Barsamian, BSN, MPH who has practiced acute care nursing for over 10 years and public health nursing for over 20 years on the East Coast and is certified by End-of Life Nursing Education Consortium as a Trainer. This will be>>>>>

Alzheimers Care Armenia continues to improve care and treatment services throughout Armenia. Our Brain Health Armenia program’s clinical team has started working in collaboration with Armenian EyeCare Project. We are very excited to work closely with Armenian EyeCare Project as one of many collaborators in Armenia to conduct early detection>>>>>

Health Coalition Armenia

Alzheimer’s Care Armenia is honored to serve on the Mental Health Coalition initiative created by Anahit Avanesyan, Republic of Armenia Ministry of Health. More than 40 state and professional organizations signed a memorandum of cooperation to join the Mental Health Coalition. The goal of the initiative is to combine efforts>>>>>