Alzheimer's Care Armenia Training

Alzheimer’s Care Armenia Brain Health Project’s Specialists Meet Professor Ketzoian

Alzheimer’s Care Armenia Brain Health Project’s Specialists meet Dr. Carlos Ketzoian, President of the Neuroepidemiology Group of World Federation of Neurology, Professor of Neuroepidemiology in Uruguay.

During the «Methodology of the Clinical and Epidemiological Research» training, Dr. Ketzoian presented his research and studies, which were mainly aimed at neurological diseases. He also spoke about dementia and Alzheimer’s disease prevention measures, memory testing and new assessment tools.

Referring to the researches carried out in Uruguay, he noted that they were mainly for the entire population and aimed to highlight the existing diseases at once.
During the meeting, our specialists, in turn, presented the results of the memory testing and evaluation works currently being carried out in Yerevan and regions. What research tests do they use, what tools do they use, and what problems do they deal with.
Both sides also emphasized the need to be aware of disease detection and prevention. Being aware of the symptoms and further complications of each disease, a person is able to prevent earlier, why not also slow down the course of the disease.

At the end of the meeting, an agreement was reached for further cooperation and exchange of experience.