nork nursing home theater group

«Second Start»: Tarmany

The elderly’s theater group, named “Tarmany”, is preparing a new production this month. The fifth is “The Wise and the Fool” by Hovhannes Tumanyan.

The theater group, which has been operating since 2019 at the Nork Old Age Home of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of RA, under the leadership of Garnik Seyranyan, presented “The Forgotten Fairy Tale” by Hovhannes Tumanyan for the first time, the next performance was the “Intellect and Luck” based on the famous “Taxi Taxi” performance, which was presented on the stage of the State Theater of Musical Comedy after Hakob Paronyan.

Theatrical activity has changed a lot in the life of the actor grandfather Ararat after 75 years. He says that before that, when he went to the store, he forgot to buy two of the three planned products, but after the theatrical performance, his memory improved.

“I go to the Nork Nursing Home with love, because I understand that somehow I fill their daily life, this occupation gives meaning to their life,” says G. Seyranyan.

The theater group has a big dream. Go to Neapol and play the “The Sins of Shakespeare”. The group hope that sponsors will be found and they will definitely perform in Italy.

“The nursing home is a good place, they take care of it, they make me happy, I am very satisfied, the residents are also calm,” says 84-year-old grandfather Ararat. His children call him home, he promises to return, but every time he has to break his promise, because they are preparing for a new unfinished play.