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«Second Start»: Sianna Movsisyan

According to Sianna Movsisyan, a clinical psychologist, psychologist at Expert Technologies, the actual retirement of 65-year-old people is not a problem, it all depends on what kind of activity a person carries out after that.

The most important thing for older people is to feel healthy and useful. Society and family members should try to support and encourage them to do what they love after 65 or finally find the time and energy to fulfill the dreams of their youth.

“When we say to a person: you are no longer fit for work, we kind of end them life, but when we create a platform and opportunities for them to develop, express themselves, establish new social contacts, engage in various processes and take care of their physical and spiritual health, in this case, problems should not arise,” the specialist says, noting that today in our country opportunities are already being created for older people to use their mental and physical abilities for the benefit of society.

As for family members and relatives, they should try to support the elderly person. Come up with an activity or support for him when they do not risk starting any new business, and support, even if they want to do nothing, but just watch their favorite movie and reread a book.

S. Movsisyan draws attention to the fact that today’s elderly people lived in a socialist society, and the realities and changes in the value system of recent decades are already stressful for them.

The differences between generations are more obvious today, which can lead to additional misunderstandings. Difficulties in using computers, smartphones, ATM’s, differences in value systems also create difficulties in terms of inter-generational solidarity, deepening the inter-generational gap.

The psychologist is convinced that the tendency to live separately from parents is not negative in itself, if contacts with young people are regular, the quality of meetings is important, not their number.

“While our seniors are lagging behind modern technological developments in some respects, they have great wisdom and experience and are willing to share their experience with great love,” Sianna explains.

She draws attention to the fact that our society has traditionally developed a positive attitude towards older people. It is no coincidence that we have many proverbs: the word for the elder, the water for the younger, the foot of the elder will not touch the stone, etc., and it is very important to adhere to this principle of respect for the elders.