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85-year-old Yuri Avetisyan was present at the opening of Alzheimer Care Armenia Brain Health project’s Memory Cafe initiative. He came with his wife, 65-year-old Ruzanna Javakhyan. Grandfather Yura had a difficult life, but his desire to live and his love of life helped him move forward. He studied at the>>>>>

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Ararat Baghdasaryan, who was present at the opening ceremony of the Memory Cafe initiated by Alzheimer’s Care Armenia, has been in Nork’s Nursing Home for 6 years. Before that, he lived in the village of Saravan of Vayots Dzor marz (region). Ararat Baghasaryan, a philologist by profession and experienced teacher,>>>>>

Step into the shoes of Nork Old Age Home resident Rose. Rose is 76 years young, an avid reader and looks forward to her frequent visits with Robin the Robot! Rose shares stories with Alzheimer’s Care Armenia’s Coordinator who visits the facility weekly. These stories are about her special relationship>>>>>

For a minute, step into the shoes of Gayane who resides at Nork Old Age Home. She is from Stepanakert and is a refugee from the “second Nagomo-Karabakh war” She has no children and her disabilities require close medical monitoring. Gayane’s emotional pain and transitional trauma of having to move>>>>>

In the Spring of 2021, Alzheimer’s Care Armenia in collaboration with Exper Technologies launched a first ever elder study with Robin the Robot at Nork Old Age Home. Funded and supported by the H. Hovnanian Family Foundation, our study was a success! Robin the Robot has continued to be in>>>>>