Second Start Alzheimer's Care Armenia Public Radio

«Second Start»: Tatevik Stepanyan

Alzheimer’s Care Armenia in a collaboration with the Public Radio of Armenia has launched a new project, named «Second Start». The first Armenian radio show for and about the elderly presents the secrets of being healthy and active and enjoying the well-earned old age. It is intended for persons aged 60 and over and their relatives.

Tatevik Stepanyan, Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs of the Republic of Armenia, was the first guest of Ofelia Kamavosyan, the host of the show and head of the Brain Health Armenia project.

T. Stepanyan spoke about an important initiative that by raising the age limit of a foster parent, single elderly people will be able to adopt any child left without parental care and thus create a family, alleviating loneliness and brightening the future of at least one child.